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SAG ACADEMY a training and development initiative............................

SAG ACADEMY, a training and development initiative by SAG has been created out of this need, developed and driven by a holistic approach. To help individuals, upgrade them, become more technology friendly and more skilled, we have a team of developers & strategic thinkers, Designer and excellent management, who are passionate about helping our trainees reach their goals. With a vast experience of one and half decade, we believe in the practical and visualization that focused solely on the delivering great user experience in the technological world. SAG is one of the leading Jaipur-based IT companies that provide outstanding services, business solutions and software development.

SAG ACADEMY is all about the Success, Growth and Acceleration, whether that are personal or organizational. It is about knowledge and skills that are important to success. It's all about that part of human nature that are created to prove themselves in the global market of the IT Industries. We follow dynamic strategies to arm up students with a huge success so as they present themselves as an edge before employers. We provide hands on practical on latest technologies and devices with all the best communication classes, professional skills and personality development sessions.

We welcome you into the world of opportunities and wish our team members would be able to get your trust at every step and will successfully make over you as a confident and hardcore IT Professional.


SAG ACADEMY: DRIVEN BY A HOLISTIC APPROACH. We put emphasis on developing a complete personality and making them skilled for the industry. The IT industry would continue to grow at healthy growth rates over the next decade leading to a continuing demand for a skilled workforce. This will be led by demand for engineering graduates as well as an increasing component of Science and graduates from other streams. Under the guidance, motivation and mentorship of CEO Mr. Amit Gupta they will learn how to stay ahead of competition, practicalities/functionalities of the industry.

Our super graduates/engineers will be equipped with following skills:

  • Ability to think logically/analytically.
  • Basic programming skills - proficiency in at least one language/platform (say Java. .net frame work etc.)
  • Process Management and Risk Management skills - covering Time, Cost, Quality, and Delivery.
  • Adequate communication skills
  • Ability to think beyond 'Programming' and acclimatize with the concept of "SYSTEM THINKING" and "SYSTEM ENGINEERINGS".
  • Corporate culture, reporting, compliance, escalation, e-mail etiquettes, protocols.
  • Competency in a few technology areas, programming languages/platform, or domain - deep expertise required either in technology or domain or both.
  • Ability to understand the basics of software architecture - databases, platforms, hardware, servers, etc. Understanding of business functionality resident in the software.
  • Ability to translate the Functional Specifications to Design and System Specifications.
  • Deep domain knowledge.
  • Adequate technical knowledge.
  • Ability to interface with customer and on-site teams.
  • Team management skills.
  • Knowledge of process and quality compliance - ISO/SEI/Security processes and the ability to align team processes to meet process compliance requirements.
  • Adequate client management skills, Escalation management skills.

"Indian IT and ITES Industry would record about US $ 220 billion in exports and US $ 60 billion domestically by 2022, totaling to about US $ 260 billion growing at a CAGR of 12.8%. India needs to develop its talent pool and serve as a nucleus for end-to-end services, and innovation in business models and technology offerings as there is a continuous demand for skilled work force. Expansion of IT and ITES Industry to tier-2 and tier-3 cities is also critical towards this end towards achieving cost competitiveness and inclusive growth."

Managing Director Mr. Amit Gupta
(SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd)

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